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While preparing to Survive the Zombie Apocalypse, don’t forget that sometimes Disasters only last a few days. Especially when it comes to Natural Disasters, have items together ahead that you’d take on a long weekend trip makes life much easier. Exclusive Weekly Sensible Prepper videos on Survival Dispatch Insider: Be a Team Sootch Minuteman:
– I Had Completely Different Plans For This Trip, But I Got Caught Up In A Good Spring Thunder Storm. A Good Opportunity To Show How To Make A Real Fire In Real Rain And Keep It Burning. Link To Merchandise: Support The Survival-Russia Channel Patreon: PayPal: My Favorite Brands and Online
Sensible Prepper Presents: Filling the Holes in your Preps! Balance is the lesson here and finding the areas that you’re lacking. Using the Rule of 3’s to make a plan and include the things that transend those rules. AMP-3 Medical Kits: Skinny Medic Website: Going Gear: Survival Rain Water Catchment Thanks For
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– Cooking Up A Snowshoe Hare At The Homestead. For The Sauce I Use A Dark Beer, Onion, Carrot, Salt Pepper And Bay Leaf. Instead Of Cooking Oil, I Am Using Butter And Pork Rind. Link To Merchandise: Support The Survival-Russia Channel Patreon: PayPal: My Favorite Brands and Online Shops Siberian Hunter