Survival Basics

Listen To The Article Livestock Winter usually means the end of the growing season, shorter daylight hours, and possibly bitter cold temperatures. That means your livestock will need to be handled very differently. The preparation leading up to winter will determine how well your livestock come through the winter months. Preparation is Important Following are
ice fishing If you’ve ever driven by a lake during winter in the colder states, there’s often an angler or two out there by a hole on the ice, waiting for the catch. Ice fishing has been practiced for thousands of years, but it will only yield its rewards after great patience, knowledge and skill.
Dandelions aren’t just weeds In today’s world, people want everything to be neat, tidy and uniform – including their yards. The grass, we’re told, should be one smooth, green carpet. But that’s easier said than done! Everyone knows that if you don’t pull them or spray them, “weeds” such as dandelions will be the first
Gasoline Stockpiling? Stockpiling supplies for an emergency is at the very core of survival. Unfortunately, though, not everything stores well, especially when we’re talking about months and years. Most food items don’t store well, but we are able to make up for that by the way we preserve and package them. Other items aren’t quite