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Inexpensive Cookset – Czechoslovakian Mess Kit – Preview

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It’s Military Surplus Wednesday and today Luke is previewing the Czechoslovakian Mess Kit.

Link :

Price : $9.99

Weight : 1.15lbs.

Czechoslovakian Mess Kit

Great European Military Item

• Genuine European Surplus

• Czech Aluminum Mess Kit

• 3 Piece Set

• 2 Pots With Handles

• Like New Condition

• Newly manufactured mess kits would cost a lot more.

Great survival, camping, outdoor and hunting item.

handles stay cool while cooking. 2 pots w/ fold away handles. Nest all together. 4 x 6 1/2″. 1.15lbs.

Con : My only complaint about the lid is that there’s no way to use it as a pan without carrying a small pair of tongs, I might try and drill a few small holes so I can jerry rig a stick for a handle when I need it.

camping kit or bug-out bag :

The larger of the two pots has a height of approximately 3.25 inches and a diameter of 6 inches while the smaller of the two pots has a height of approximately 3 inches and a diameter of 5.25 inches. Each pot has a folding handle. Additionally, the small pot fits inside of the big pot for easy transport.

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