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NEW! MSK-1 Primitive Survival Knife Is Here! Ultimate Bug Out / Bushcraft / Camping Knife

Is the NEW MSK-1 Primitive Your Ultimate Bug Out Bag, Bushcraft, Camping, Survival Knife? – MSK-1 Primitive is the MOST Versatile, Adaptable and Affordable MSK-1 Knife Ever @Only $149! Get Yours Today! Limited Quantities Available @

● MSK-1 Primitive:
● MSK-1 Elite (Replaces the Original MSK-1):
● MSK-1 Elite Warrior (The Triple-Edged Beast):

HERE’s MORE on the MSK-1 PRIMITIVE Survival Knife:


When we launched the MSK-1 Survival Knife in 2016, the response was incredible! MSK-1 quickly became the #1 Funded Survival Knife on Kickstarter.

But David was still a bit disappointed (and so were many of you). Here’s why…
You see, David’s original vision was to design the most versatile, user-customizable, survival knife system ever imagined – priced around $150 US – to fit almost any budget.

David approached many manufacturers – but because of the complexity of the MSK-1 knife and his high standards, they all said it could not be done – without making it in China.

David was not willing to compromise and “sell out” to China for a cheap knife. So he partnered with some great USA manufacturers to make the epic, original MSK-1.
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His idea was to release the MSK-1 knife to the world and then circle back around and find a way to make a high-quality, more affordable MSK-1 in the future – for those on a limited budget.

▶︎ Success! A New MSK-1 Priced for Almost Any Budget

Road blocks were everywhere, but David never gave up his dream of creating a high quality, budget priced “every-man’s” MSK-1. So, after nearly 4 years of persistence – we are now proud to offer you the NEW MSK-1 Primitive Survival Knife.

▶︎ Made For Hard Use in Extreme Situations

Handcrafted in the wilds of Central America by blade masters that specialize in forging exceptional knives meant for hard daily use – MSK-1 Primitive is fashioned from rugged, edge-retaining, “stone washed,” 1075 high carbon steel (which is similar to 1095).

Clear coated with our tough, oxidation-repelling finish, MSK-1 Primitive is accented by our beautiful, rustic, hardwood handle grips.

▶︎ Includes Our NEW 20-Item Micro Handle Survival Kit

Held in place by our exclusive, field removable, stainless steel bolt system (with bow drill divot), the handles are easily removed to store (and carry) our new Micro Survival Kit – Version 2 (that includes 20 essential survival items).

▶︎ This is What a “Simple” Leather Sheath Should Be…

MSK-1 Primitive travels in our beautifully antiqued, multi-carry, leather sheath that is designed for left or right hand carry in a high (belt loop) or low (drop leg) loop carry configuration. This sheath also sports a “hidden” rear strap and pocket to carry extra gear, like our Tiny Survival Guide.

▶︎ Design Your Ultimate Survival Knife Kit

MSK-1 Primitive is made to be customized and upgraded (by you) to serve your changing needs. It’s easy to build out your ultimate survival knife system with our exclusive line of add-ons, sheaths, handles and kit accessories.

▶︎ All the MSK-1 “Magic” – At Half the Price

MSK-1 Primitive sports most of the key features and capabilities of the original MSK-1 (and our New MSK-1 Elite line-up) – while being our most affordable MSK-1 ever.

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